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Different Types Of Bar Code Scanners

Barcodes are the machine readable coding system that gives a complete detail about the product. These days, most of the manufacturers prefer to put the barcode on the packaging of the certain goods so that it can be easily understood by the machines. This type of coding is done in the form of horizontal lines of various thicknesses. You must have seen that there are some black and white strips on various goods; these lines are actually the barcodes. To read those codes and convert them into the machine readable form Barcode scanner or barcode reader is used. Barcodes make the process of inventory management and retailing the products, very convenient. By using this technology, the stores that sell the items in bulk can easily prepare the record of their daily sales and maintain the inventory in their store.

Wireless barcode scanners

Barcode scanners are available in two models. One is the wired barcode scanner and the other is based on the wireless technology. Each type of barcode scanner has its own pros and cons. Wireless barcode scanner can be easily moved from one place to another while the wired one has the restrictions. Companies in which there is a risk of damage to the barcode cable, wireless barcode scanners are quite helpful. Wireless barcode scanners are also useful for those items that are too bulky to be moved to the payment counter. Wireless barcode scanners are also available with the Bluetooth technology which works within a range and does not have mobility restriction like the corded scanners.

Major type of barcode scanners

Mainly there are four types of barcode scanners. These include the following:

  • Pen style bar code scanner

It is the most traditional style of barcode scanner. There is a need to drag the pen scanner over the barcode in a particular direction to enable the scanner to read the barcode.

  • Laser bar code scanner:

This type of scanner is an advanced version of the pen style barcode scanner. It is capable of more precise reading and at a faster pace.

  • CCD scanner:

It is basically an LED based barcode scanner. There are hundreds of LED lights installed in it which help to focus directly on the barcode.  The sensor attached to it then measures the voltage of light in front of each barcode line rather than measuring the intensity of reflection. Digital snapshot of the barcode is then read with the help of voltage measurement to get the details of the particular item.

  • Camera based reader

This type of scanner is the most advanced type of scanner as there is a small digital camera installed in it. It is faster in operations than the other types of barcode scanners. It quickly takes the picture of the barcode and with the help of barcode processing technique, it decodes the barcode.